Calibration and why it is necessary.

Windshield replacement now is different now than it has ever been.

Windshields now have cameras mounted in the windshield which have different features including:

Lane keep assist which while driving will keep you in the lane that you are in until you decide to change lanes.

Forward collision alert, which will stop the vehicle if it detects an object in front of you even if your eyes are off the road it is collecting data to make a decision on whether or not the brake needs to be applied. This feature can also apply the brake of the car if the vehicle feels it approaching another vehicle too fast and the distance between the cars at the current speed will cause a collision.

Lane change alert which will alert you auditory or a visual alert when drifting out of the lane

It monitors your left and right side and if you start to veer you will receive an alert.

After windshield replacement the recalibration will bring the cars autonomous safety features back to factory specifications.


There are two different types of calibration static and or dynamic

We take a vehicle out on the road for about fifteen – twenty minutes at 45 mph to replicate a real-life scenario. During the real-life scenario using the landmarks of the road the camera begins to recalibrate using visual landmarks and the machine to bring the car back to its original manufacturer specifications.

Static calibration is done at the shop where we can set up targets in a controlled environment. Using the targets, the camera can calibration to the targets as landmarks. In front of the vehicle targets are set up using the intervals specified by the manufacturer. Making sure that camera identifies certain items to set proper distances using the sensors and camera that are on the vehicle.


Does this effect your manufacturer’s warranty through your dealership?

No, all our technicians are properly certified how to calibrate, we use all the dealership’s specifications when we do those calibration procedures. So, we adhere to all the specifications of the manufacturers themselves to ensure that your guarantee is not impacted by this calibration and windshield replacement.

So even if your windshield is chipped or cracked it can impact these safety systems in the car. So do not ignore the smallest damage meaning chip or crack in your windshield.